Merino Wool Socks

Key Features


Our technology inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabric


The use of anti-microbial cover offers matchless odor control

Self Cleaning

Pure Silver allows our products to be worn for days without washing

Regulates Temperature

Our materials keep you cool and dry in the summer, warm and cozy in the winter

Merino Wool Socks – The Extra Pliability That You Are Seeking

We all know the significance of woolregarding its lenient feel and smooth texture, however, if your demands areextravagant then you deserve something special. Here are the merino woolsocks by Villain Insidedesigned to embrace your style and wellbeing. Merino wool is a kind derivedfrom a particular breed of sheep, which differs from other wool because of its finetexture and the absence of coarseness. People love wearing merino wool andhence our collection is always in trend. Do purchase our merino wool socksfor men if you prioritize elegance, smoothness, and a positive feel overeverything else.

The Miscellany of Villain Inside’s Merino Wool Socks

 From shades, sizes to sock types, weunderstand our audience and hence always come up with the radiant designspossible. Our dominant color is black but we vary it with bold choices likered, turquoise and orange. Usually, socks at this platform will illustratecolorful heels and toes while the rest of the part is black. However, we arenot limited to this approach, there is a lot you can find in merino woolsocks. Relish specs like odor resistance and regulation of temperature tounderstand the socks' worth in different seasons.

Complete the look

M (7-9.5)L (10-12)XL (12.5-15)
M (7-9.5)L (10-12)XL (12.5-15)
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)