Binary Ankle Socks - The 6-Pack
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)


Y stitched Heel
We have attempted to create a natural cup around your heel for maximum comfort

Long Staple Cotton

The natural fabric has better moisture-wicking capabilities than traditional socks

Smart Linking System

To keep your feet protected from the discomfort of an irritating seam we designed "the smart linking system"

Contra Dragon Fly Crew Sock: Your High Fashion Athleisure Socks

An ultra-fine combed cotton sock made with silver-infused yarns.

A sock that puts the world at your feet. Our colored heel socks use ultra fine combed cotton to give you maximum comfort, resulting in an exclusive, stronger and softer sock. These socks are made with special yarns, infused with silver ions to kill bacteria. This prevents the build up of odor, keeping feet fresh and enabling the sock to be worn for days without washing. They are stylish and come in multiple colors. They’re unlike anything you’ve ever worn.


Combed cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton and has fewer impurities and protruding threads. Enjoy the comfort of an all-natural lightweight, moisture-absorbing fiber. It’s breathable, washable, and durable. Combed cotton is literally combed, leaving only long, straight cotton fibers that are wonderful as a sock fabric because they don’t fray easily and feel soft against your skin.

Silver ion-infused antibacterial and deodorant polyester yarn results in long-acting antibacterial effect, high water absorbency, and perspiration property.


Focusing on the minutest details, we have introduced solutions like smart grip, cushion support and fine linking to provide you maximum comfort in the most elegant way.

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