How to Care for Your Black Merino Wool Socks

Black merino wool socks or even any other color require your ultimate attention because you bought them with love and money. If not stored or handled wisely, you are not going to enjoy their features for long. Therefore, some simple tips from us can do wonders for you.

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Store Where You Can Find Your Black Merino Wool Socks

Forgetting where you placed your black merino wool socks is not a responsible act for keeping your socks safe and sound. It is just another reason to show your carelessness towards the precious socks you bought with love.

Oftentimes, when you forget where you placed your socks just moments before you are going to the office means you are giving lesser priority to the value of your socks. Find good storage inside your house, whether a drawer in your wardrobe or a small clothing rack, to hang them to make the socks visible to your eyes.

Use a Good Detergent to Wash Your Black Merino Wool Socks

Detergents are also available in variants. From harsh to good quality, you have to find the latter in order to keep the health of your black merino wool socks safe. The drawback of a harsh detergent is that it can tear the fabric of the socks and hence, they will lose the quality of being a durable product.

For searching for the right detergent, first, ask your friends or anyone in your social circle to better guide you in this aspect. They can let you know some brand names which can not only protect the fabric but also wash the socks properly. 

Handle Them Gently

Although any kind of fabric does possess some kind of strength, it still requires gentleness from you. You cannot just throw them away anywhere in the house or keep them unclean for days. Your first priority in keeping your black merino wool socks should be the thorough and gentle washing process, on a regular basis.

Second is the way you touch the fabric of the socks, which obviously should be gentle and not rough like showing your unlikeness towards the socks. The robust stretching can also easily tear the socks up. Moreover, whenever you are wearing these socks, make sure to avoid the stains as much as possible to avoid the requirement of a harsh washing process. 

Trim Your Toenails

Not trimming your nails properly is not just dangerous for the socks but also for you, because of the irritation they cause. However, in terms of black merino wool socks, the untrimmed toenails can pock holes in the socks and can easily tear them without you being knowing for a while.

This is because the feet directly interact with the fabric of the socks. Whether you walk, run, or just sit, the socks are tightly or fine-fittingly attached to your feet. If your toenails are big and not trimmed properly, the socks are going to suffer pretty soon.