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Merino Wool Collection's FAQ

1. Are merino wool socks worth the price?

Definitely, you have to try to them to understand. Merino wool socks are not only soft, but they don't retain sweat or moisture. Even if a little gets through, our odor blocking technology keeps the sock from smelling. 

2. What is moisture wicking?

Merino wool socks have the ability to keep moisture from reaching your feet. Combine that with our antibacterial technology, and you'll cut down on wash time and sock buying. Also, merino wool retains warmth even when wet and they don't feel as sticky when wet.

3. Can you wear merino wool socks in summer?

When you put them on you'll find that merino wool is commonly featured as one of the best socks for summer. This particular material has natural temperature-regulating properties that help keep feet dry and odor-free. It also doesn't feel heavy or itchy like other types of wool, making it perfect for all-day wear.

4. What's so good about merino wool socks?

Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool. And with modern day spinning technology and fiber treatments, merino wool makes for outstanding fabrics that outclass materials such as cotton or synthetics on all fronts in mens wool socks. Merino wool brings style, comfort and performance together in perfect harmony.

5. Why are wool socks so good?

Unlike cotton, wool is an great insulator. When it's cold out your feet will be toasty and warm in your wool socks. Wool can absorb a high amount of moisture, much more than cotton. Because of their physical nature, wool fibers naturally have anti-bacterial properties and are odor resistant

6. Are merino wool socks itchy?

Merino wool is able to ditch the itch due to its fiber's smaller diameter, or being “finer”. These fibers are more flexible and softly bend when pressed against the skin and, therefore, don't itch like other wool.

7. Is merino wool good for underwear?

if you're looking for underwear that may not feel as sweaty while you work, merino wool underwear may keep you drier than cotton. 

8. How long can you wear merino wool underwear? 

Merino wool silver lining boxing brief can be worn for days without washing, no judgement. Some suggest 5-10 wears Other people say we could go even longer!

9: is merino wool good for winter?

Merino Wool is an All-Weather Material. Because of these moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties, Merino wool is able to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.