Cotton Socks Collection

All-natural lightweight, moisture-absorbing fiber sock that are breathable, washable, and durable. 

Cotton Socks FAQ

1. Can socks be 100% cotton?

Something not everyone knows: Not all socks that qualify as "cotton" socks are made from 100 percent cotton. Villain Inside's Cotton Socks are made with ultra fine combed cotton and are infused with silver ions to kill bacteria, regulates temperature and prevents the build up of odor.

2. What is combed cotton?

Combed cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton and has fewer impurities and protruding threads. Combed cotton is literally combed, leaving only long, straight cotton fibers that are wonderful as a sock fabric because they don’t fray easily and feel soft against your skin.

3. What are silver infused cotton socks good for?

Silver ion-infused antibacterial and deodorant polyester yarn results in long-acting antibacterial effect, high water absorbency, and perspiration property.

4. What are cotton socks good for?

Cotton socks are breathable, much more so than polyester. This ensures your feet will sweat less, and the material will wick away excess moisture. Cotton is also very good for sensitive skin or if you suffer from any allergies.

5. Are white cotton socks better for your feet?

White cotton socks were considered to be the gold standard for protecting our feet from moisture, infection and blisters. In fact, the gospel of white cotton socks continues to be espoused in many circles!

6. Do cotton socks prevent smelly feet?

Even though cotton feels like a light and comfortable material, moisture absorbed by cotton fibers doesn't evaporate back into the air outside the sock! The blend of Silver with Combed cotton makes the socks odorless. The silver ions kill bacteria and prevents the build up of odor, keeping feet fresh and enabling the sock to be worn for days without washing.