How to Fold Socks To Save Space

There are many ways to pack and fold socks to save space. Folding socks can be easy or tough as well. It all depends on the way you fold your socks. The key is you figure out the best method to fold socks which should be quick and easy. But also this method has to keep your draw neat and well organized.

Socks do a lot for us they add an extra layer of defense on our feet. Even in the summer or winter, you purchase socks that fit the situation and weather. So, it is necessary to take care of your pair of socks and keep them in good manners.

Many people take them for granted especially that one careless homie in every house. They ball them up and throw them into the drawer or the roof. As a result, you are unable to find a matching pair of socks in case you have some hurry. If you properly fold socks it helps you to find the right socks for that specific time and you can avoid delay. There are many effective methods to fold socks to save space in your drawer like a pro. Let's discuss some.


1- Make a Square

Make a plus sign by laying one sock vertically and the other horizontally. Fold the bottom sock over the top sock. Tuck the toes of the bottom sock into its cuff to secure it. Now repeat this method for the other sock. Now uck its toes into its cuff and the square shape will become. Now both socks are together and your drawer looks neat.

2- Roll The Both Socks

This folding technique works well for particularly long socks and boot socks. First, lay the socks on top of each other with toes and cuffs lined up. Start at the toe and roll both socks up to the cuff tightly. Consider using honeycomb organizers in your sock drawer. This way your drawer seems clean and you can find your favorite socks immediately whenever you need them. This is also known as the sock roll technique.

3- The KonMari Method

Marie Kondo is a unique way to fold clothes and of course, socks are not so different. Just lay one sock flat on top of the other. Fold the tops down once, twice, or three times, depending on how long they are. Then, stand them up vertically in your drawer. If you want to keep them organized, you can use spring-loaded dividers in your dresser. This way, all your socks are visible in a neat row, so you won't have to search through the pile to find a matching pair.

 How To Fold Regular Socks?

First up, let’s take a step-by-step look at the very simplest way to fold your regular socks that’s perfect for stacking them, and if you’re in a hurry. You last definitely need this simple folding technique.

  •  Unroll the socks and lay them down on a flat space. Afterward, position one sock on top of the other one.
  • Pick first the left and then the right sock by its top portion.
  • Fold the end up toward the toes, so they’re now directly on the same level with them.
  • Put them in the bulk drawer.

How To Fold Ankle And No-Show Socks?

Well, we have already introduced at the start the method named Marie Kondo. She is the author of the best-selling book and television show titled ‘Tidied Up with Marie Kondo’ which revolutionized the idea of efficient space and decluttered folding. Conclusively, although it seems so simple and basic, a pair of mismatched socks can be folded away in a straightforward manner. This works for all types of common-length socks as well as ankle and no-show socks. Let's bring the light on the steps.

  • The socks should be stacked up and put coming behind.
  • Socks should be visually segmented into three different categories.
  • Perform 3 times - at the toes and moving up to the 3rd area for reference.
  • With the toes tied onto the box’s edge, the ‘sweet spot’ spike can then help to keep the socks upright.


If you are giving a pair of socks as a gift to your loved one. You’ll want to grab a small, square gift box and get your best folding skills.  We are going to be walking you through the slightly more complex, but very professional-looking ‘square method.

  • Fold the sock so the heels are on top one on the other.
  • Turn these together to cross shape like a heel on the heel.
  • Do not give up, but keep on twitching the toe of the bottom sock and fold it over so as it can be tucked into the latter side.
  • Fold the edge of the lower sock under, but still hold back the tuck.
  • Do the same thing with the fourth sock.
  • After that, take step 4 again, and as a result, there will be a square shape with 2 caps which are sticking out.
  • Fold the first cuff under the other. Tuck the last cuff into the pocket made by the folded socks. Easy peasy.

 How To Fold Socks For Travel?

To fold socks for travel, place the first sock on top of the other one. Fold your big toe to the side, like a thumb. Then, it is necessary to fold the rectangle into half or thirds (the length of the sock determines this) and create a small bundle. The role is for them to remain with you and also keep the court case steady. It's quite handy and easy for you to wear socks while traveling.