How to Make Old Summer Socks Useful?

Old is gold but how does it comply with old summer socks? Let’s see what’s ahead.

Fabrics do tear and when that happens, we often indulge in a huge hassle as to what to do next. We know better that clothes of any kind are bought with money or are gifts received from beloveds. But what if their quality dims down?

Here, Villain Inside has prepared a brief guide to making good use of old summer socks.

Follow These Old Summer Socks Tricks

Make Puppets

This is one of the highly creative tricks you can follow. Some of you might have put your creative instincts to work like this during school days. However, by cutting it in the right way and obeying certain sewing tips, you can make beautiful puppets, either for your kids or just for décor.

For this old summer socks trick, you can also utilize the services of buttons or other ornaments. If you have more than one pair of old socks, you can opt for their fabric pieces to create the hair and lipstick of the puppet.

Use Them as Dusters

Socks pretty well fit on your hands as they do on your feet. Wear them and remove dust particles with ease. The old summer socks as dusters will help you out in cleaning the narrow places as well like corners and cracks. Moreover, you can even clean glass with the assistance of a washed sock. Just make sure not to overuse an unwashed sock.

Furthermore, it will be best if the socks are thick and fluffy.

Sew Them into Palm Gloves

Old summer socks can showcase their handiness in winters, just convert them into fingerless or palm gloves. The simplest procedure is to cut a larger hole for the four fingers of your hand and a smaller one for the thumb. However, you can also put some effort into sewing three Vs between fingers to give a more elaborated look.

Before doing the latter, you have to mark the shape of your hands on the socks, which will eventually offer a more professional outlook.

Convert Old Summer Socks into Bags

It will seem so cute and portable to mold your old summer socks into small bags. They offer convenience in placing multiple objects like cosmetics, jewelry, stationery, and even safety pins. In regards to the design, it all depends on you whether you like adding embellishments or not.

Another significant fact is the sort of closure you desire for this small bag. There are a diversity of options, for instance, a zipper, button, string, or just a knot. You can also alter the original shape of the socks and vary the length.

Repair Them

Repairing old summer socks depends on the sort of tearing or damage. In most cases, it is just the color that fades away. If this fading does not bother you, then you can keep using them as it is or opt for dyeing options. Secondly, if there is just a small tear or holes poking out, then sew it.

Thirdly, if they have become loose with time, try fitting them according to your size. In case nothing else works, it is always apt to purchase a new pair. Have a peek at our collection.

Old Summer Socks as Recollections

Many of us love to store the old items for retro or nostalgic aspects. This can be applicable to old summer socks as well. Just make sure to wash them properly and pack them in a box or bag to keep them free from dust for a longer period of time.

After all, you are going to refrain to wash them every day.