How to Stop Socks from Slipping in Sneakers

Get ready for a walk or run. But there is a problem, your socks slipped while running in sneakers.  A lot of people have the same complaint. This is actually annoying and distracts you from your task. Now the question is how to stop socks from slipping in sneakers. There are several factors to keep your socks in place so you will remain secure and comfortable throughout the day. 

1- Select the Right Fabric of the Socks 

Yes, the material or fabric of the socks matters. Always choose high-quality fabric to prevent slipping in sneakers. Cotton and merino wool socks are one of the best options for this because of their strong fabric. They are comfortable and provide breathability. Also, they are quick-drying fabrics. They remain straight inside your sneakers without getting bulk. These fabrics enable dryness of the feet and minimize the slipping off of the socks within the sneakers. Do not use synthetic products because they can cause friction on the skin or be uncomfortable for them. 

2-  Buy the Right Size

In this aspect, size is crucial so that the socks do not slip or pinch. When you put on large socks, these tend to fold at the knees and stock up into your sneakers. Socks that do not fit well are those that are tight for they cut off blood flow and those that tend to slide up. Select the socks that you can easily put on your foot and pull up to your ankle but also do not constrict your circulation. Socks must also be of the correct size to ensure that your feet are well-supported and no rubbing occurs. 

3- Try Socks with Silicone Grips

Silicon grip socks are common nowadays and it's one of the ways to prevent socks from slipping into sneakers. The grips are usually located at the bottom of the socks. You can get socks with grips for different types of shoes depending on their nature. You can get different silicon grip socks for sneakers and different ones for dress shoes. If the silicon grip of your socks starts to slide, there might be something you need to fix first. Also, make sure your feet are dry, it works not well on sweaty feet. 

4- Consider Sock Liners

Socks liners are fittings that are thin and worn next to the skin below the regular socks. There is an added extra layer of friction making it firm but at the same time having the ability not to slide up your legs as the normal socks do. It therefore comes in handy most especially when exercising such as when hiking or even running because our feet are constantly in contact with the ground. Sock liners aid in stabilizing the foot and its grip. Thus you do not have to worry about your socks slipping throughout the day. 

5- Try Sock Garters

Another outdated garment is sock garters, which purpose to hold socks from slipping. Both have an elastic band that goes around the leg and clips that fasten over the top of the sock. Though not as widely used today, they remain useful to bring the socks into the desired position securely for the whole day. They give a dependable answer to people who want to be sure that their Socks will not slide down during the various activities.

6- Wash and Dry Socks Properly

It is also important for you to know that the way in which you handle your socks can also be a factor in whether your socks tend to slip or not. Wash your socks following the instructions given by the manufacturer to retain their stretchability and appearance. Do not use fabric softeners because they cause socks to become slick. And always use fresh natural air to dry socks. 

7- Wear Socks that Fit Properly

Always buy socks that fit well. Make sure it is not tight enough to block your blood circulation. Proper-fitting socks are good to prevent socks from slipping into sneakers. Socks that are too big will tend to fold across the foot and slide up to the knee. or even above while small socks that are too tight will not only compress circulation but will also slip to the ankles. Select socks that are close to the skin on the feet and around the ankle area but not constricting. 

8- Sock Height Matters

Take into consideration the height of the sneakers that you are planning to buy. For the low-top sneakers, it can be quite appealing to go for the no-show or ankle socks. However, they are easily slipped. Socks that are longer which go up to the middle of the calf area of the leg are more fitting to wear by the crew length. A crew or knee-high on your leg may give an added layer of comfort to sneakers.

9- Adjust Your Shoes

Sometimes, the issue is not with the socks but with the sneakers. Make sure that your sneakers are correctly sized and offer proper support. Loose shoes make socks slip because your foot shifts around in the shoe when walking.


Slipping socks down into the sneakers is one of the worst things you can face throughout the day. But it can be corrected if only the right measures are employed. However, you can always experiment and arrive at what seems perfect to cover the socks you use, gripped socks, or sock suspender clips. Having ensured your footwear is comfortable and your socks in the right position. Just buy the right size of socks of fabric like cotton or merino wool. You can also try socks garters and sock liners if things do not go well.