How to Wash Merino Wool Socks | Care Tips

Well, every clothes must be washed but you cannot wash every clothes on daily basis or in a week. There are several factors you must keep in your mind like color and the fabric of your clothes. In the case of socks, you must be more careful because some fabrics are odor-resistant and some are not. If you talk about the socks by the material you have multiple options like cotton, merino wool, polyester, and many others. Right now I am going to explain how to wash Merino wool socks and give some care guidelines. Also, I am going to share my personal experience and the mistakes I made in the past while washing Merino wool socks.

What are Merino Wool Socks?

Merino wool socks are socks made from the wool of Merino sheep that are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. They provide a good insulation. These are some of the soft, warm, and anti-microbial socks that you would require in your wardrobe. Merino wool by its nature has a crimp that forms air space which helps to maintain temperature and draw moisture away from the skin.


How Often to Wash Merino Wool Socks

Firstly, I tell you my experience of washing Merino wool socks. Last year when I was about to wash all my clothes, I just mixed my merino wool socks with my other clothes like a shirt. The water was hot in the washing machine and when I dried them after being washed. I realized that was my mistake to wash my socks in hot water. The fabric shrinks. So, I got to know that hot water is not a useful option for some fabrics like wool.

Ideally, wash Merino wool socks after every 3-4 wears or when you feel they are dirty or have a bad odor. Put it gently in cold water or on the wool cycle if you are using a washing machine and use only a mild detergent. To avoid shrinking and damaging the garment, do not use hot water and avoid using strongly concentrated detergents. Wash them with cold water and hang them to dry as this will help in maintaining their shape. Let's discuss the process of washing step by step.

1- Read the Care Label

When you purchase something you notice there is an instruction note or label with the product. You must read the instructions written on it like how to use and care for this specific product. Same case with wool socks, you would get a label where you must read all the details about sock care.

2- Flip Your Socks Inside Out

Normally, socks become folded when you remove them. And several dust particles remain on the fabrics. If You have a plan to wash your Merino wool socks unfold and turn your socks inside out.

3- Use The Quality Detergent

It will also be wise to select a slightly gentle detergent for washing merino wool because it is a sensitive fabric. Avoid using bleach and other chemicals that harm the fabric. You can maximize the age of Merino wool socks by using the right detergent with the required quantity. You can also use the baby shampoo.

4- Use Cold Water to Wash Merino Wool Socks

A hot wash can shrink the fabric and also damage the fibers as well as the colors within the fabric. So, only use cold water on a gentle cycle to wash merino wool. A laundry bag also enables the identification of different clothes, especially socks, and keeps them safe from harm. Cold water washing is better for the sock fit and also consumes less energy.

5- Rinse Thoroughly and Press Out Water

Rinse the socks with cold water until the detergent is removed. Make sure no detergent particles remain on the socks. Now gently and carefully press out the water from the socks. Don't do much twisting because it harms the fabric of Merino wool socks.

6- Use Air Dry Instead of Dryer Machine

Now it is time to dry the socks after pressing out all the water and detergent particles. Always use the fresh air in order to dry Merino wool socks. You must have an open area in your house. Just hang all pair of socks and let them dry. 

It looks fun when all of your socks are hand in a line and you can get a chance to have a great snap of that day. I made the mistake of using my dryer, it's not recommended. Because the hot air of the dryer can shrink and damage the merino wool.

Special Care Tips for Merino Wool Socks

Now you know how to wash Merino wool socks efficiently at home. Unlike other socks, merino wool socks are different because of their unique fabric. It's the bonus tip to wash merino wool socks with cold water and use a gentle detergent to avoid shrinking and damage. Prefer a hand wash instead in the washing machine to avoid the color fade. 

Hand Wash or Washing Machine Which is the Best Option?

Hand washing is as efficient as washing the merino wool socks in a washing machine as long as certain measures are followed. Hand washing is a much better option than washing machines. Because you can control the water temperature by yourself.

Still, washing merino wool socks in the washing machine is also safe.  It eliminates the need for long procedures to be carried out physically and it is easy. It is also important to note that in both methods, one should always avoid the use of bleach and high heat. If your socks are at threat of being damaged just place them in a laundry bag in the machine. Both methods can be used to properly wash and maintain your socks in the best way possible.

Can I Use an Iron After Washing Merino Wool Socks?

You should not iron Merino wool socks since it tends to shrink once it is ironed. The fibers themselves and their structure are very sensitive. However, after washing, do not wring or twist the socks and spread them out for drying rather try sun drying. In case, these are needed to be ironed, then they can be steamed very lightly to least eliminate the wrinkles, but ironing directly on the fabric should be a good option.