Men’s Ankle Socks - Which Material is Best?

We know that ankle socks are in trend and men prefer these types of socks over the other types specifically the crew socks. There are a number of reasons behind it however the main reason due to which they are preferred is that firstly these go well with literally any type of dressing. Be it a casual dressing, formal dressing or going to the gym type of dressing. They are comfortable when worn and look elegant, so one does not have to put much effort into it. 

However, selecting the right material for your ankle socks is extremely important especially when you are going to use it on regular basis and are going to spend a lot of money on it. 

Cotton Best Men’s Ankle Socks

The most affordable and the best ankle socks which you can get are made up of cotton. The reason behind this is that cotton material is very comfortable to wear and acts as a natural deodorant. Some people have naturally very sweaty feet. No matter how much light material socks they wear their feet always tend to get sweaty. 

Prevents Sweaty Feet

The advantage of having ankle socks is that even if your feet sweat a lot, they won’t get smelly because the fabric will absorb the awful smell leaving your feet feeling fresh. Some people also experience itching and a lot of uncomforting when the feet get sweaty due to prolonged wear of the socks. The best ankle sock material for such people is cotton. In addition to absorbing all the odor it also tends to soak up the sweat from the feet leaving them itch free. 



Wool Ankle Socks

The number one benefit of having a wool men ankle sock is that they are natural and sustainable. Humans have polluted the environment to a great extent already and we obviously don’t want to cause any more harm to the environment. Our clothes are the biggest destroyer of the environment as they consume a lot of water.

Sustainable source

However, this is not the case with wool, it is sustainable because it is grown from the skin of sheep’s, goats, and other similar animals. It is a renewable protein that does not shed microplastics and is renewable. This is a natural source because fleeces regrow their hair after shearing so one does not have to waste any kind of energy, time, or resources for extracting it. 

Provides comfortable wear

Wool is very comfortable to be worn and is a great insulator. People living in the colder areas need to have wool ankle socks as they provide the best insulation, keep the feet warm, and are comfortable as well. With insulation, it definitely comes to mind that if the socks are worn for a greater period of time, then the feet can get sweaty which can get uncomfortable. 

Though, this is not the case with woolen ankle socks. Wool itself is a temperature regulating material that does not let your feet get too warm and prevents them from moisture whilst at the same time being odor resistant. 

Nylon Ankle Socks

Other than these materials nylon ankle socks are also good to be used. It is believed to be 10 times stronger than cotton and 20 times stronger than wool. It is a polyester that is water and abrasion-resistant which makes it long-lasting. Though these are not very soft and can make the feet a bit sweaty.

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