5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Men’s Crew Socks

There is a very common misconception about mens crew socks and that is; they are just socks!! They just serve a functional purpose which is to keep the feet warm. They don’t do much except of that. This is entirely wrong to think. Just as fashion trend emerge, wearing socks is also a trend but people make a lot of mistakes whilst wearing them. It is not that this is what they do intentionally, but it is rather that they don’t know that they are doing something wrong and since no one corrects them, so they keep on doing it constantly. However, if you do not have much knowledge related to socks and you think that you are doing something wrong then we suggest you keep on reading this article till the end.

Wearing plain white men’s crew socks on formal events

Do you guys remember that when we were kids, we used to wear white socks only when it was our sports day. This is because white socks are only to be worn when going to the gym or when doing any sort of physical activity. They should not be worn on any formal event. Trust me when I say this, they do not look nice. Many people make this mistake and wear plain white socks with formal attire. Don’t do it unless and until they have a certain design or a pattern on them.

Wearing any kind of socks with dress shoes

This is a very common but a very big mistake. Dress crew socks should only be worn with dress shoes. You can most certainly not pair any kind of socks with your dress shoes. Wearing sports socks, be it of black color do not look nice. Sports socks are made up of heavier cotton material which gets uncomfortable to wear with dress shoes. If you are looking for a high-quality pair of men’s crew socks with your dress shoes, then we suggest you check VillainInside's collection. You will be surprised to see the products they deal in.

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Color Coordination

Another common mistake which people do very frequently but don’t know much about is the color coordination. Socks are not really considered to be a part of the dress by men therefore they thin that they could wear literally any color socks with their outfit. Typically, socks are color coordinated with your shoes or belts. You don’t match it with your jeans, you don’t match it your jacket or any other clothing item. If you wear socks which are not going with your outfit, then it will result in a garish break in your dress.

No rolling or folding

Rolling or folding of men’s crew socks look good on 9 years old not on a grown-up man. If you tend to fold your socks from your ankles quite frequently then there are significant chances that the size of the socks which you are wearing is not feasible. They might too big or sloppy on you due to which you might be feeling the need of folding them.

Exposed Skin

Flashy skin from over your socks does not look cool specifically for a man. If your skin is showing off from the socks, then there are high chances that the size of your socks is too small and the next time you plan on buying one, you need to upgrade the size of your socks.