Should You Wear Slippers With Socks in 2024

men wearing slippers with socks

Wearing slippers with socks is a controversial topic because every person has a different point of view. Some say it's a good option especially in summer because you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Because wearing sneakers in summer is not as comfortable as wearing slippers. On the other hand, some say that it's not a handy decision to wear socks with slippers. They claim you look out of fashion in this and also socks get dirty. It's quite hectic to wash such dirty socks. Everyone has their own preferences and choices. But in this blog, I am here for you guys to discuss some pros and cons of wearing slippers with socks.

Pros of Wearing Socks with Slippers


Slippers and socks together? Absolutely! While some generally prefer the naked touching of the feet on soft and silky slippers. Socks when worn provide that extra layer that you need especially in the morning when it is cold. They can also assist to reduce sweating on your feet if you are a victim of this condition. Also, socks can be like a small shield so your slippers remain slightly less dirty for a longer period of time. So next time you are home and you do not know what to wear while staying indoors why not put on your socks and slippers?

Control Smell

Socks can literally be described as sweat rags for the feet! Wearing the socks before slipping into the slippers helps to lock the sweat in before it is able to make both the feet and the slippers stinky. This helps not make things boring and constantly cozy, which can be rather useful if your feet get rather hot from time to time. Thus, the next time you put on your slippers, consider wearing some socks to enhance the foot smell elimination capabilities!

Protect Your Feet

Did you ever see a person's rough feet? This is because they did not care about their feet. Like they casually roam at home wearing only socks. For better protection, they must wear the slippers with socks at home even if they need to drink water from the kitchen. Otherwise, their heel become rough and they feel pain as well at the soles of their feet. Also, slippers minimize the chance of getting slipped while working or casually walking at home.

Extend the Life of Slippers

Slippers are best worn with socks as they will help make the slippers last longer. It serves as a shield to the outside of the slippers hence avoiding the inside part. This means you will not need to come to the shop to buy new slippers again and again. So, in this scenario, you will save your money by not replacing your slippers.

Cons of Wearing Socks with Slippers

Look Unfashionable

When you wear socks with your slippers you will look unfamiliar to the fashion. I agree there are a lot of advantages of wearing slippers with your cool socks but at the same time, it look unfashionable. If you have a social gathering then you must want to have a great impression on your friends. In this case, you should avoid looking odd in the gathering.


You will feel your feet hot and sweaty if you wear socks with slippers, especially in the summer. Both slippers and socks can trap heat from the environment and make your feet uncomfortable. You will feel irritation because your feet are moist. In this case, you can wear the best merino wool socks. Because the material of the merino wool can absorb the moisture from the socks. 

Friction and Irritation

It causes rashes if you wake up with some socks or slippers. Both slippers and socks combine to create friction on your skin, as a result, you feel uncomfortable. Hence, you must choose smooth slippers and ensure that their socks are not folded to avoid such a situation.


Let's conclude this, wearing slippers with socks in 2024 no doubt has some benefits but at the same time, it has some drawbacks. It controls the bad smell of your feet and protects your feet from becoming dirty. Also, socks can maximize the lifespan of your slippers. It also has some disadvantages like you feel irritation in case you wear socks with slippers for a long period of time. The most important is you will look odd and unfashionable in the group meetup. In the end, it's your choice what you want to wear at what your preference is.