Top Trendy Pants with Socks Combos for 2024

Fashion changes quickly, so it's necessary to stay updated about the latest fashion trends in the town. When you decide what to wear today, one thing that pops into your mind is the combination of pants with socks. It's important for you to follow the trends and select a good union. At Villain Inside you will get socks of every type from men's ankle socks to crew socks. We have a wide of colors including black, navy blue, red, and patterned colors. The material of the socks is an important factor so we have the best cotton and merino wool socks in our collection. For now, let's explore some trendy combinations of socks with pants to look cool in 2024.

Athleisure Chic

Athleisure Chic is one of the most trendy styles of clothing that combines athletic wear with casual clothes to look comfortable and cool. You should wear jogger-style paint with crew socks to look awesome. Also wear joggers of neutral colors like black, grey, or navy, and pair up with crew socks of the same color or maybe different shades of them.

High-waisted pants with Ankle Socks

The fashion of high wastes paints back in 2024 and it looks out of this world with ankle socks. Choose a patterned or bright color of high-waisted paint with ankle socks of the same shade. Like if you choose a paint of vibrant red color then wear ankle socks of color of white or black. This bold combination of pants with socks gives a top-notch look. Your legs look longer in this combo and give a vintage vibe.

What Color Socks With Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are common in men's fashion. They usually wear them for casual office wear or for traveling. They can easily match with different shirts, shoes, and socks. But the most common question is what color socks with khaki pants suit well for men. Tan and khaki socks are the best choice with khaki pants. If you used to wear a light color in Khaki pants then olive socks are also a good option with brown shoes. These simple colors give a professional look for every occasion.

Wide-leg Pants with Knee-High Socks

Wide-leg pants with Knee-High Socks give a wonderful appearance. Choose a light material like cotton and linen for wide-leg pants in summer for a comfortable feel. Match it with a pattern socks or a similar color of knee-high socks. You look appealing and eye-catching in this combo. 

Skinny Jeans with No Show and Ankle Socks

In 2024, pairing skinny jeans with no-shows and ankle socks is in fashionable. Skinny jeans usually come in dark colors like black and especially in different shades of blue. Ankle socks are short and for the most part, are close to your ankle. No-show socks are even lower, they do not show outside the shoes. They are crumpled within shoes. When you select ankle socks or no-show socks, you can feel good and look great at the same time. This is ideal for any informal event or simply a day out with friends. 

Crew and Ankle Socks with Formal Pants

When it's about to formal pants then wearing a crew and ankle socks is quite in fashion. Make sure the colors should match so you look professional in your workspace environment. I advise you to choose a solid color for your formal pants like black, navy blue, or dark grey to maintain the corporate appearance. The material of the socks is also a factor, wear wool socks in winter to keep your feet warm and dry. You can also wear cotton socks with formal pants. 


Well, in the world of fashion, your clothing sense matter. You must be aware of what kind of trends and combos of dressing are common. Choosing the best combination of pants with socks is always a tough call. If you wear high-waisted pants then ankle socks are a good pick. In case you prefer skinny jeans then ankle and no-show socks give a more attractive and cool look. Moreover, the material of socks is also a plus point when choosing the best combo with pants.