What Are Crew Socks?

If you are having trouble buying socks online and get confused in terms like no-show, low-cut, and crew socks? Don't worry, it's not rocket science. Well, commonly people choose crew socks because of their perfect length. And now you are wondering what are crew socks. We're here to make things crystal clear for you, so keep reading.

Crew socks are something between ankle socks and knee-high socks. They go up to just below your calf muscle. Mostly, crew socks have a stretchy top to stop them from slipping down your leg. It is not too tight and covers your lower leg. While ankle socks only cover your ankle and knee-high socks go below your knee. They are super comfortable and look ideal on your feet. Also, crew socks keep your shins warm all day.


 Why do People call them crew socks?

Crew socks got this name because of ship crews. After doing a lot of work they need to wear some warm and standard-size socks. Since these socks were so comfortable and adopted worldwide along with their name “crew”. Today this is the standard size of socks and you can wear them during various activities like playing some sports. 

How Tall are Crew Socks?

They're shorter than knee-high socks but longer than ankle socks. Crew socks typically cover your ankle and lower leg. This length varies with the size like small, medium, and large but usually about halfway up your calf. You can wear it with casual and formal dressing as well. 

Crew Socks vs Ankle Socks, Which is Better

Length Difference

Crew socks are longer than ankle socks in length. Crew socks are usually extra warm than ankle socks and can also be worn with a formal dress. Ankle socks stop just above the ankle and are commonly paired with sneakers. People wear them for fashion purposes. 

 Suitable Outfits

You can wear crew socks with both casual and formal outfits. They look awesome with dress shoes, boots, and high-top sneakers. Many athletes wear crew socks because they give extra support and warmness. On the other hand, ankle socks are usually worn to show off and in a sense of fashion. These socks can be worn for every occasion but mostly they look catchy with sneakers.

Differences in Materials

Our crew socks and ankle socks are made up of different fabrics such as merino wool and cotton. Each fabric serves a different purpose. Crew socks are warm and usually used in winter. Many sportspersons prefer these socks to prevent injuries. While ankle socks are breathable and lightweight, ideal for sports. 


Selecting Socks That Suit You Best

I know you have a lot of options to choose but selecting the right pair of socks that you want is not that easy. There are some factors you must keep in mind before purchasing.

  • Personal Style
  • Event and Wheather
  • Length of the socks
  • Material

You should keep various important factors while choosing a pair of crew socks that suit your requirements. Every person has a different taste some prefer simple designs and prefer a colorful pattern. Before giving an order consider the event and the weather in the town, so you stay comfortable during the memorable event. 


Let's wrap up all this and now you know actually what are crew socks and how ther differ from other socks. You can wear crew socks at almost for your every event from formal gatherings in your office to playing your outdoor game. Order now!