Mens Wool Socks

Key Features


Our technology inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabric


The use of anti-microbial cover offers matchless odor control

Self Cleaning

Pure Silver allows our products to be worn for days without washing

Regulates Temperature

Our materials keep you cool and dry in the summer, warm and cozy in the winter

Complete the look

M (7-9.5)L (10-12)XL (12.5-15)
M (7-9.5)L (10-12)XL (12.5-15)
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)

An Assorted Collection of Quality Men’s Wool Socks

There is scarcely any fabric out there challengingthe varied features that wool offers. Men’s wool socks are no different,they are high-quality insulators and provide elevated warmness in winters. Thatis the reason why most of you admire the collection we possess. Additionally, Villain Inside iswell-known for providing the sizes that actually fit, for instance, medium,large and extra-large, best for every man. Our wool socks for mencomprise a suave texture that is a brilliant choice for casual wear, includingsleep. We also retain a mixture of wool types like merino wool, for enhancedsoftness as well as firmness.

No-Show, Ankle and Crew Men’s Wool Socks – A Lot More Indeed!

You can conveniently find your favoritesock height in our shop. If the reticent feature of men’s woolno-show socks is what you like, then definitely go for them. In case theankle length is apt for your footwear then rush to buy. However, there is alsothe classic crew length of wool socks available at affordable prices. On top,we have a decent variety of colors, which are simple yet voguish for any event.Don’t forget our extremely humble and sophisticated patterns!