Ultra Fine Silver Yarn Technology

5x More Durable Than Other Luxury Socks

1000+ Pairs Donated

"By the time I was getting ready to shower and get ready for bed, the socks had been on my feet for over 16 hours straight. Guess what? No foot odor! I was pleasantly surprised."

E Cooper - Verified Sock Wearer

M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)
M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)


Temperature Regulating

Moisture Wicking

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

High-quality long staple cotton, infused with silver ions. Socks will stay odor-free for 5+ days even under intense heat and sweat.

Built for long-lasting performance while still being cozy and soft. The TRUE unsung heroes of your sock drawer.

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Every-day sock without odor or sweat

Even if camping, hiking, exercise, or long hours on the job keep you from washing, our silver yarn will stop the smell for 5+ days.

Villain Inside products are designed to handle even the sweatiest, most labor intensive performance activities. Using ultra fine combed cotton, 3 different types of special stitching, and yarn infused with silver ions to kill bacteria, these socks are durable, comfy, and unlike any you've ever worn.

Designed for performance

Villain inside socks use X-STATIC® a new anti microbial yarn that kills bacteria upon first contact. Our silver infused fabric turns the sock antibacterial which means you can wear them longer than regular socks without the need to wash them. Backed by our free return policy, we're willing to bet they end up being the longest lasting socks on your feet.

I wore these socks to work my entire shift. My sweaty feet and resulting foot odors were no match. They are a much better value in the long-run, I highly recommend them. At this price point, it is a very good deal"

Hmlss2021 - Verified Buyer

Comfy. Durable. Odor Resistant

With a couple of pairs of Villain inside socks, you can replace all the other socks in your drawer.

Our socks are designed to last longer than any other socks you own. Because our products are made with silver yarn woven into the material, they need to be washed less often than even the most durable of sock brands. Thats how these socks will become the best smelling, longest lasting, in your closet. With our 30 money back guarantee you have nothing to lose, and even if you want to return them, we are still going to honor your purchase and donate an equal quantity to US homeless shelters.

 Try our socks today, and see how Villain Inside will change your life, while knowing you gave a little comfort to the homeless.



Have Questions?

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Questions About Villain Inside Products

Is Merino Wool or Cotton best for me?

Both materials have our odor free silver yarn benefits, but with merino wool you'll be getting a softer sock. Merino wool is also 6x more durable that cotton, so they will last longer over time. Thats why we charge a little more for merino wool.

How is it exactly that your products are 5x more durable?

Typically luxury socks need to be washed after every use, but since our socks can be worn for 5+ days without washing, that makes them up to 5x more durable before needing to be replaced!

What if I don't like them once I get them?

Send them back! We will instantly give you a full refund. (You'll have 30 Days to return after delivery)

How are you able to price them equal to or lower than other luxury sock brands?

Simple! We've been in business longer. We've been manufacturing products for name brands in the US for over 20 years. Our connections and facilities allow us to make quality products at the same or better price point as other name brands.

How are are you different from other luxury cotton or merino wool sock brands?

Great question! We're the only brand on the market currently using X-STATIC® ON TOP of the natural odor fighting properties of merino wool. So when those other brands claim their products have odor control, its nowhere near as good as ours.

Can I save money if I bundle

Yes! Every time you add more than 1 pair to your order you will receive more and more of a discount. You'll see your savings on the order page on checkout. 

Is using silver inside clothing products safe?

100% safe. Its no different than wearing silver jewelry or using common household silverware to eat food.

Are your products machine washable?

Yes! Cold wash only, on gentle cycle to reduce shrinkage. Detergent is okay. Tumble dry low, Do not Iron, Do not dry clean.

100% No Risk Return Policy

On special occasions unique foot bacteria is so powerful that even our technology has a tough time lasting the full 5+ days. That's ok, we got you covered. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any of the products in our store. Not happy for whatever reason? Send it back and we'll give a full refund no questions asked.

Villains Aren't Always Evil.. Just Misunderstood

We Donate a Sock For Every Purchase

With every pair of socks you purchase we make an equal donation directly to "Hope Shelters", an organization that helps underprivileged and vulnerable adults break the cycle of poverty

What More to Love in VillainInside’s Men’s Cotton Crew Socks

The manufacturers at Villain Inside make sure to add the element of comfort into their socks collection. The distinctively designed layers at toes and heels give your feet an enhanced texture of relaxation and longevity. Besides, the shades we implement on our cotton crew socks for men are elegant yet vividly visible. In case, you are wondering if red is the hue to be included in men’s wardrobe, then we have got you covered. There are sizes of men’s cotton crew socks like medium, large, and extra-large to fit all men.

Return and Exchange Policy

We want you to be as happy wearing your Villain Inside Socks as we are making them. That's why our Satisfaction Guarantee covers free returns for any reason within 30 days.

2 Simple steps:
1. Email our customer support team at info@villaininside.com
2. Send them back to the address we provide

Silver Yarn Information:

  • Odor Blocking
    Naturally eliminates odor, keeping apparel smelling fresher for longer, and reduces the amount of time needed between washes.
  • Permanent Protection
    Not a chemical finish, our silver is woven into the material and lasts the life of the product.
  • Clinically Proven
    Clinical studies, performed in hospitals on soft surfaces, showed successful reduction of pathogens on fabric in 1 hour. 


Anti-Microbial Silver Yarn

We create all of our products with silver ion-infused antibacterial yarn. This is not an add on, its actually stitched into the sock. This material results in a long-lasting antibacterial odor free effect.

Special Toe Stitch

Our toe section is stitched with a special knit that eliminates the uncomfortable seam that runs across the front of most socks. 

Long Staple Cotton

We use premium long staple cotton because they're stronger and softer than normal cotton. This material is lightweight & breathable, moisture absorbing, and durable. It barely shrinks in the wash, and holds up well over time.

Y-Stitched Heel

A special stitch cupped right on your heel that provides extra padding and comfort. 

Stay Up Technology

Engineered to have ideal tension levels around your shin. Feels like a good hug, tight but not too tight. 

Crew Socks

Fabric Content:

  • Black, White, Gray :
    72% Cotton
    23% Polyester
    5% Spandex
  • Blue, Orange, & Red :
    70% Cotton
    26% Polyester
    4% Spandex

    Materials Imported, Silver Yarn Technology Made In The US

Care Details

    Cold wash only, on gentle cycle to reduce shrinkage. Detergent is okay. Tumble dry low, Do not Iron, Do not dry clean.