Different Types of Socks That Exist for Men

Socks cover numerous dynamics. They are the elements of fashion as well as protection, worn by both men and women. However, every human being has a different requirement in terms of choosing these pieces of attire.

Some like them short, some prefer long, a few of the people are into bright colors while many are into geometric patterns. Fortunately, there is an exclusive variation of designers out there to serve with the exact and best quality. Try hopping into the Villianinside.com men’s socks collection on top.

Men can also purchase socks based on certain specifications. For instance, the design, the features like anti-bacterial socks, the color, and even the material. In addition, never forget the aspect of price.

Considering the demands of the present generation, this article is articulated to elaborate on the types of socks that men can wear. The categories will ponder just on the size factor.

The High Ones

Thigh-high socks are seemingly the lengthiest socks ever existed. They are way above the knees and more common among women, most particularly for the ones who like to wear skirts or short dresses. However, in countries like Scotland, men also adorn themselves with these high pieces. They can also act as light thermal pajamas.

Purchase thigh-high merino wool socks because merino wool gives you the extra bliss of warmth, perfect for winters. Men can also wear them under formal pants without any stress of color and design.

Size Surrounding Your Knees

They are simply known as knee-high socks. As the name specifies, these socks for men reach the length of the knees. This demonstrates that they are long and offer complete protection to the calves. You can find men’s wool socks of this length to properly shield the lower side of your leg and provide extra comfort to your feet.

Furthermore, they are apt for the winter season as well and also for anyone wearing shorts. Knee-high diabetes socks are utilized for improving the blood circulation in the legs.


Calf socks are slightly shorter than knee-high ones. They are appropriate to be worn with shorts as well with a tint of fashion element entailing the bare skin. Moreover, you can wear them as a part of formal attire and use them on chilly days for extra protection.

You might have heard of men’s cotton crew socks. Crew socks are the most common ones utilized by men. Additionally, they are the preferred size for casual style, however, they are popular with formal pants as well. They are perfect for the gym-goers too and anyone who desires to feel the nostalgia of school days. If you wear the crew socks right, they can become a fashion statement for you.

Men’s cotton ankle socks or ankle socks of any material fail to surpass the length of an ankle. This is obvious from the name that these socks are shorter. The petite sizes may not be suitable for winters but are perfect for protecting feet from harsh shoe material.

The Hidden Ones

Here, we are claiming no-show socks, which are also famously known as slip-on socks. They are not visible, hence, refrain from the element of fashion. However, they do serve the toes with a defense and sweat absorption facility. Additionally, they are also available in diverse materials. Such as men’s wool no-show socks or cotton no-show socks.

They are convenient and fit properly, hence, no need to pull them that often. Another advantage they possess for men is the ignorance of color. Whether you wear pink or yellow slip-on socks, no one will ever detect them.