Interesting Superstitions about Mens Crew Socks & Thoughts of a Common Person

Superstitions are always captivating. They usually have a relation with ancient times or with our ancestors. Superstitions are commonly considered free of logic, any thought or statement that is not backed up by valid reasons. However, there might be some kind of origin story of each superstition. Maybe in past, particular strategies or actions actually worked and became superstitions in today’s world. So forth, superstitions are complicated as well as mesmerizing.

While surfing the internet, we came across the strangest info regarding the link of socks with credulity. Imagine having men’s cotton ankle socks being related to some legend warrior’s story and concluded as a source of good luck. Well, miracles do happen.

We picked out the following ordinarily known superstitions about socks and depicted a few of our personal views on the fictional origin stories or reasons. Furthermore, the views are not from experts and explanation is not research-based but just adds the verbal freedom of a common human being without any intention of offense.

Green Socks Entice Wealth

There are people around the globe who keep green socks in their houses with the desire to attract money. According to our sources, we did not find anything on the type of socks like anti-bacterial socks but just the color.

Green is the color of prosperity. It is also the hue of nature. Leaves, grass, and the majority of the natural resources have this shade in them. This might be the one reason which gave birth to this superstition. Green socks are something that is easily available and is also inexpensive. You can buy a bunch with just a few dollars in the faith of winning money. Moreover, buy the one from a reliable brand that you can wear often. We have some useful guides as well, like pondering on the selection of materials for men’s ankle socks.

Damp Woolen Socks to Bed can Treat Fever

Imagine you are superstitious and you just bought the best men’s crew socks of wool fabric for casual wear, they can prove handy. While comprehending this point, fever corresponds to heat. It is common to observe in movies or television series the use of a damp piece of cloth being placed on the patient’s forehead to cure fever. Even our elders do the same as an alternative treatment to medicines.

To some extent, this point is understandable. The moisture might decrease the body’s temperature, just like the piece of cloth on our forehead. However, we are not supporting this logic with any medical references at the moment.

Socks Tucked Overnight in Shoes Bring Good Luck

We are not sure whether the socks should be clean or not, however, this superstition about socks sounds complicated. Let’s ponder on the reason, why would anyone do this? Firstly, someone who worked hard all day to earn money and was tired enough not to untuck used socks from the shoes can, to some extent, logically bring good fortune.

Secondly, when one intentionally tucks the clean socks in the shoes, he or she is preparing for the next day. Dedication, discipline, and hard work can in time lead to higher income. Hence, becoming relatable to this superstition.

Accidental Mismatched Socks, a Sign of Good Fortune

The logic of the former superstition can somehow correspond to this one as well. Most of the time, accidents happen when the mind is not occupied by the thoughts of the present. In the case of a dedicated and less self-conscious employee, mishaps like this are common. Hence, such a distraction, as well as loyalty to work, can lead to a good wage.