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Questions About Villain Inside Products

Is Merino Wool or Cotton best for me?

Both materials have our odor free silver yarn benefits, but with merino wool you'll be getting a softer sock. Merino wool is also 6x more durable that cotton, so they will last longer over time. Thats why we charge a little more for merino wool.

How is it exactly that your products are 5x more durable?

Typically luxury socks need to be washed after every use, but since our socks can be worn for 5+ days without washing, that makes them up to 5x more durable before needing to be replaced!

What if I don't like them once I get them?

Send them back! We will instantly give you a full refund. (You'll have 30 Days to return after delivery)

How are you able to price them equal to or lower than other luxury sock brands?

Simple! We've been in business longer. We've been manufacturing products for name brands in the US for over 20 years. Our connections and facilities allow us to make quality products at the same or better price point as other name brands.

How are are you different from other luxury cotton or merino wool sock brands?

Great question! We're the only brand on the market currently using X-STATICĀ® ON TOP of the natural odor fighting properties of merino wool. So when those other brands claim their products have odor control, its nowhere near as good as ours.

Can I save money if I bundle

Yes! Every time you add more than 1 pair to your order you will receive more and more of a discount. You'll see your savings on the order page on checkout. 

Is using silver inside clothing products safe?

100% safe. Its no different than wearing silver jewelry or using common household silverware to eat food.

Are your products machine washable?

Yes! Cold wash only, on gentle cycle to reduce shrinkage. Detergent is okay. Tumble dry low, Do not Iron, Do not dry clean.

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Please contact us at hello@villaininside.com