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M (6-9)L (10-13)XL (14-16)


Temperature Regulating

Moisture Wicking

How does it work?

We want to give a free pair of our socks because we think you'll love them so much you'll stick around after month 1!

Just simply subscribe to monthly subscriptions below, and you will get your first months order for free! (Only applies to 1 pair, extra orders will be charged normally)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Comfy Multi-use socks without odor or sweat

Even if camping, hiking, exercise, or long hours on the job keep you from washing, our silver yarn will stop the smell for 5+ days.

Villain Inside products are designed to handle even the sweatiest, most labor intensive performance activities. Using ultra fine combed cotton, 3 different types of special stitching, and yarn infused with silver ions to kill bacteria, these socks are durable, comfy, and unlike any you've ever worn.

Designed for performance

Villain inside socks use X-STATIC® a new anti microbial yarn that kills bacteria upon first contact. Our silver infused fabric turns the sock antibacterial which means you can wear them longer than regular socks without the need to wash them. Backed by our free return policy, we're willing to bet they end up being the longest lasting socks on your feet.

Do you Prefer Cotton or Merino Wool?

Return and Exchange Policy

We want you to be as happy wearing your Villain Inside Socks as we are making them. That's why our Satisfaction Guarantee covers free returns for any reason within 30 days.

2 Simple steps:
1. Email our customer support team at
2. Send them back to the address we provide

Refund Policy:

If you are unsatisfied for any reason please send an email to within 30 days of your order for a full refund. 


Anti-Microbial Silver Yarn

  • Odor Blocking
    Naturally eliminates odor, keeping apparel smelling fresher for longer, and reduces the amount of time needed between washes.
  • Permanent Protection
    Not a chemical finish, our silver is woven into the material and lasts the life of the product.
  • Clinically Proven
    Clinical studies, performed in hospitals on soft surfaces, showed successful reduction of pathogens on fabric in 1 hour. 

Special Toe Stitch

Our toe section is stitched with a special knit that eliminates the uncomfortable seam that runs across the front of most socks. 

Long Staple Cotton

We use premium long staple cotton because they're stronger and softer than normal cotton. This material is lightweight & breathable, moisture absorbing, and durable. It barely shrinks in the wash, and holds up well over time.

Y-Stitched Heel

A special stitch cupped right on your heel that provides extra padding and comfort. 

Stay Up Technology

Engineered to have ideal tension levels around your shin. Feels like a good hug, tight but not too tight. 

Crew Socks

Fabric Content:

  • Black, White, Gray :
    72% Cotton
    23% Polyester
    5% Spandex
  • Blue, Orange, & Red :
    70% Cotton
    26% Polyester
    4% Spandex

    Materials Imported, Silver Yarn Technology Made In The US

Care Details

    Cold wash only, on gentle cycle to reduce shrinkage. Detergent is okay. Tumble dry low, Do not Iron, Do not dry clean.

Subscription Orders policy:

Please note that on subscription orders, any recurring orders after the first free trial cannot be returned, unless there is a problem such as damaged goods or incorrect sizes shipped out. However, you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Please contact customer support for assistance or to cancel your subscription. Thank you for your understanding.

Subscription Cancellation Policy:

Subscriptions cannot be canceled by customers through the website or app. To proceed with cancellation at any time, please contact our customer support team for assistance at

Subscriptions must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to recurring shipment. Thank you for your understanding.